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Rodent behaviour exploration : discover the platform

The Functional Exploration Platform (FEP) is an important area of 150m2 dedicated to the analysis of the behavior of rodents. In parallel, Lille 2 University opens a new degree for those wishing to gain knowledge and experience on behavioral exploration of Rodent

The behavioral assessment tests of the platform allow characterization of neuropathology rodent models in terms of cognitive abilities (attention, memory, executive functions, EEG recording ...), major motor disorders and fine motor skills as well as anxiety traits / depression.

The equipment is diversified:

  • Ventilated units for temporary housing animals
  • Tracking software and video acquisition: ABET II Touch (Campden Instruments), Ethovision (Noldus), VideoTrack (Viewpoint), ACTITRACK (BIOSEB), Shut Avoid (BIOSEB)
  • Behavioral Tests: Touchscreen (Campden Instruments), Neurologger (NewBehavior, TSE systems), Barnes maze (Noldus), Radial maze (Noldus), Morris water maze (Viewpoint), Actimetry (BIOSEB), Rotarod (BIOSEB), Grip test (BIOSEB), Y-maze, open-field and object recognition, elevated plus-maze, pole test, prehensile traction test ... 

In parallel, Lille 2 University has recently opened a new degree about behavioural exploration of rodent. This training is intended for researchers and trainees wishing to develop or use neuro-pathophysiological models in the context of research projects.
The objectives are:

  • Bring the concepts of functional neuro-anatomy and pharmacological modulation of behavior; - Describe some behavioral disorders and their experimental models
  • Provide tools and advice for rodents’ behavioral assessments Different behaviors will be discussed: the control of movement and action, emotions, motivation, learning and memory.

Participants will be informed of issues relating to the development of a pathophysiological model and a behavioral assessment protocol adapted.
A practical part will be devoted to the realization of behavioral tasks covering the main areas addressed in the theoretical part, with or without pharmacological modulation to familiarize participants with the experimental conditions and data analysis. At the end, the training will be completed by a test. 

 Formation 2018 : AUEC Comportement adapté aux modèles physiopathologiques


Comité de recherches en matière biomédicale et de santé publique

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7th European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging (Oral Presentation)

Vanhoutte Matthieu : 18F-FDG PET Changes Of Cortical Glucose Metabolism In Typical Versus Atypical Sporadic Forms Of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Promouvoir la bientraitance
Au cours de la conférence des JFR 2011, Monsieur Jean-Paul Delevoye a appelé les soignants à rétablir l'équilibre entre savoir et technicité et écoute et empathie. Aux patients, il a adressé un encouragement à devenir acteurs de leurs parcours de soins dans le respect des professionnels qui les accompagnent tout au long de la maladie.